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PHP Programming 2 Months

Learn to Build Web Apps

Course Information

  • Course Price Rs.30,000
  • Duration 2 Months
  • Class Duraion 2 hours daily
  • Days Monday - Friday


This course covers the PHP skills required to design robust dynamic websites supporting user interaction. The focus is on good programming practice, by writing efficient, well-documented code that can be easily understood.

Students will learn how to develop real-world web applications with PHP. Topics covered include databases and content management, security and session handling, server side data validation, on the fly generation of images, configuration of web development environments under Windows and Unix and object-oriented programming in PHP.

PHP is the most popular server side scripting language on the web.With PHP, you can do things like

  • Create username and password login pages
  • Check details from a form
  • Create forums, picture galleries, surveys,
  • Generate HTML content on-the-fly
  • Add, delete, modify data in your database
  • Create, open, read, write, and close files on the server and a whole lot more.

PHP is known as a server-sided language, because the PHP doesn't get executed on your computer, but on the computer, you requested the page from. The results are then handed over to you, and displayed in your browser. Other scripting languages you may have heard of are ASP, Python and Perl.

PHP stands for is "Hypertext Pre-processor". The initials come from the earliest version of the program, which was called Personal Home Page Tools.

But PHP is so popular that if you're looking for a career in the web design/web scripting industry then you just have to know it! at Quicklearn, our highly experienced faculty will enable you to become proficient in PHP within 3 months.

Course Outline

Month Module Details
1 Basics
2 advance